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Pascale Pluton

Born in France in 1969
Resident of the Netherlands since 1991
Mother tongue: French

Language combinations Areas of specialisation Please contact me for further information. The areas of specialization are too varied to provide a complete list here.


Pascale Pluton's motivation for creating Aquila Translation was to free herself from churning out high volumes of translations for the derisory prices which many translation agencies impose on their subcontractors.

Pascale Pluton prides herself on her status as artisan. For her, this love of creating flawless work means that a satisfied client takes precedence over a bank account that is rapidly filled. Translating allows Pascale to satisfy her natural curiosity about life as it allows her to learn so much about so many different areas of activity.

Even as a young girl, she had already acquired a love of the written word, comparing instructions for preparation in the several languages one finds on a canned food label, and would often go to bed, leafing through the pages of an encyclopaedia much like someone else would leaf through a comic book.

From that moment on, it would seem that the only logical choice would be to choose the profession of translator...

Diplomas and important dates Professional experience Personal interests

The attention I dedicate to my profession involves the astute management of my energy. In addition, I am particularly attentive to the maintenance of my personal balance. A bit of exercise (cycling, walking), artistic pursuits (photography, oriental dance, creation of costumes and fashion), cultural activities (world music and art house films), combined with a particular interest in diet and nutrition and cooking allow me to approach my work each day with drive and enthusiasm. I watch TV5 on a regular basis, and visit my family and the city of Lyon often to keep my French current. If there is one thing I find frustrating, it is that there are only 24 hours in a day. Life is so fascinating!