Aquila Translation

Vezeldonk 7
NL 6218 GP Maastricht

Tel +31(0)43-3100160
Fax +31(0)84-8303306

VAT NL207982089B01
Reg. 14085377 Maastricht

Aquila Translation is the trade name of an independent translator who decided to put her linguistic skills and cultural knowledge to work for businesses and individuals. For more information on this translator, click here.

Aquila Translation combines the seriousness and motivation of an independent, with the flexibility and output power of a network of equally serious and motivated colleagues.

German, Dutch, English and particularly French constitute the core of our trade competence.

Aquila will put their skills to work for you in a number of tasks requiring expertise in local and foreign languages; specifically in : True to the vision of a perfectly crafted masterpiece, Aquila Translation will pay the utmost attention to your interests with effective service and advice; after all, a satisfied client is much more valuable than a quickly filled bank account.